Cost Control and Security

Are you looking to restrict users from printing and copying in color?

Do you need a way to track the prints that are being done by each department?

Would you like a way to bill your clients for the prints you have created for them?


We have an App for that

NEW! Three Tier Color Printing

The reason color prints are more expensive then the monochrome prints is due to the fact that the copier needs to use all four toner cartridges to create the color images. Historically, it does not matter if there is one highlighted word that is in color, or the entire page is a full color image, the cost per color print is the same. With Three Tier Color Printing you only pay for the amount of color that is on the page, and you can pay as low is 2 cents per color print.



CentraQ allows designated users to send a file to a selected print queue then access and print that job directly from the device on the network.

Card Authentication

Card Authentication

Enable administrators to improve device security and track usage for reporting purposes utilizing existing HID employee identification cards.


Control and limit user groups’ access to specific functions on the MFP for greater cost savings
and security.


Manage budgets by limiting color usage of KYOCERA color MFPs with PIN codes and the creation of a “Public Access” button, eliminating the need for a passcode in black and white mode.


Monitors and controls printing, allows for charging back to individuals for prints done. 

PaperCut is a cost-effective print/copy management and tracking solution ideal for educational institutions and businesses. This cross-platform solution facilitates accounting, secure and mobile print release, print archiving, and mobile print capabilities.

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Capture and Distributions

Transforming Hard copy document information and storage into a simplified, digital workflow

Mobile and Cloud Connectors

Print your documents from virtually any environment