Are you storing your documents in filing cabinets?

Have you tried scanning in hopes of going "paperless"?

Do you wish it was easier to find filed documents?

Then it is time for you to consider GlobalSearch

Servicing Rochester, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, NY

Document management is the key to efficiency in any office. It makes your business run smoother, move quicker, and communicate better - and it saves you from all of that excess paperwork you’re already used to. No matter what industry you are in, your business probably relies on several document-intensive processes.  GlobalSearch can help you streamline your workflow and eliminate your inefficient paper processes.


Why WNY Imaging Systems has chosen to market GlobalSearch  

  1. Easy to Implement
    Eliminate paper in no time with GlobalSearch. While easily customizable to fit the needs of any organization, GlobalSearch addresses many common business problems "out of the box" with solutions for accounts payable automation, employee onboarding, contract management and many more.
  2. Easy to Use
    GlobalSearch document management software eliminates the frustration of managing documents with a highly intuitive interface designed to make life easier. Reduced training requirements and higher adoption rates by users translate into successful projects with a lower total cost of ownership.
  3. Easy to Scale
    GlobalSearch is used to eliminate paper by organizations of all sizes by easily scaling from small business applications to more complex solutions. With its modular design, GlobalSearch not only scales up, it also scales out with tools for web forms management, variable data printing, and workflow automation.

See below for a 10 minute demo on GlobalSearch